Smart detective novels for smart children

So who in the world is this Ulrich Renz writing children's detective novels?

Well, here I am, with our dog Mika:

Mika is a terrier mix and 3 years old.

And me, how old am I? If I tell you, that I was born on February 25th, 1960, you can calculate yourself, you don't even need to be a math genius like MM.

By the way, on this February 25th, my brother Herbert was born, too. - Yes, you've got it, we're twins, and identical ones. Even today we get mixed up by some people, but when we were young this was daily fare. Most of our schoolmates wouldn't even address us by our first names, but by the family name - "Hello Renz, where is the other Renz?", or something like that. To non-twins that may sound pretty horrible, but to us it was just normal.

Childhood and youth of the Renz-twins didn't leave earth-shattering reports. We were members of the Boy Scouts, and as adolescents we were madly into sports, namely long-distance running. I even went as far as becoming the German Youth Champion on the 5000-meter distance and in cross-country running. Still now I am flabbergasted.

After leaving school I stopped playing sports, there were simply more exciting things coming up now. After extensive travelling I settled in Paris for two years but didn't grow roots there. Back to Germany, medical school in a small town in the very north, called Lübeck, was waiting for me.

And Lübeck is where I'm still living with my wife Kirsten. We have three children together. Paul and Mirjam are already grown up, only "little" (17-years-old) Anouk still lives with us.

When coming to Med school I didn't, of course, yet know that I would end up in a completely different profession. But life sometimes takes its own paths. After finishing medical school, I worked as a doctor only for a short period, before starting to write and make books: textbooks and reference books for doctors and scientists. I headed a scientific publishing company for some years, but at some point life as a CEO lost its appeal to me, and I (re) started writing. No textbooks any longer this time, but non-fiction books for "normal" people, and - finally - children's books.

In 2015 I started a truely global project: "Sleep Tight, Little Wolf", a bilingual children's book appearing in more than 50 languages and in all of their conceivable combinations. In our Language Wizard on the project's website you can find and order the language combination of your choice.

Those who want to know more about the books I've been writing (and know some German), can visit my website

If you want to contact me, don't hesitate to write me an email!

You can find some more photos (style "the poet as a young man") here.

And here is where you can meet the lovely people that have translated "Bo & friends" into your wonderful English language.